What Can You Do With RAD Studio 12? Webinar

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all keeping safe and well. We’ve had a huge amount of interest in RAD Studio 12 Athens our latest release of the Delphi and C++ IDE from Embarcadero. Thanks for your feedback which is overwhelmingly positive, and also for letting us know anything which is not quite right too. In any release the complexity of the engineering which goes into it always means there are some things to tweak and suboptimal bits ranging from the annoying to the downright broken. With a release like Athens which is absolutely enormous it was inevitable there would be some things which would need some additional love. We plan a patch as soon as we are able to knock out any gremlins.

We know you have a personal relationship with your code and the IDE

I can’t emphasize enough; we are not a faceless monolithic corporation. Embarcadero is full of people who are strongly passionate about providing the best IDE for modern software development we can. We listen to the whole truth of anything you have to say, for example when you’re super-happy with something like the new Visual Assist integration, the multiline strings, or my personal favorite the huge integration of Skia into the very fibers of RAD Studio. But the whole truth means we also listen where we are not giving you what you want too, and we take it very seriously. Sometimes we’re not great at making it clear and the lack of a comment on a social media post or quality report can make people feel like we are ignoring you. I want to reiterate, again, and again, we’re here, and we’re listening. You can also email me directly at [email protected] and I will respond to you personally. It is quite literally my job to be there for you. I am not going to provide technical support – there are a load of people much better at doing that than me – and I’m not going to wrangle discounts and freebies – but I am going to be there to make sure your questions are answered, and if I don’t have the answers myself, I will find someone who does.

What is RAD Studio and what can I do with it?

RAD Studio is an incredible tool for creating apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux and it does so in what I personally completely believe is the easiest and most efficient way possible with several significant advantages over doing it with other tools. That’s why I am here at Embarcadero. In fact, it’s why we’re all here.

With that in mind, for the next couple of months there is going to be a torrent of webinars from me which put that belief to the test and demonstrate how RAD Studio can create apps for all sorts of platforms and devices. The first webinar earlier this week covered an overview of the agenda I have planned. This series will take us through to February 2024. While that is happening, I’d like you to email me and let me know what other subjects, components, techniques, and so on you’d like to see. I already plan a series on connected devices like barcode readers, receipt printers, Alexa type devices, iOT (including programming a robot arm with RAD Studio!), design patterns with Delphi including things like the factory pattern, visitor pattern and so on. I also plan to explore what we can do with AI with some practical, real-world examples you can use in your own work and enhance the IDE. But really, I’d like to make sure I am creating content which resonates with you – and also for new users too.

Let’s get explore what we can do with RAD Studio. Email me with your ideas.

When are the RAD Studio Winter Webinars on?

The webinars will be on Tuesdays at 12 noon US Central Time. Those sessions are designed to be a comprehensive overview of a particular learning topic. I will be broadcasting some additional sessions on Fridays at 12 noon US Central which will feature a number of our Tech Partners, book authors, and some one-to-one time with special guests too!

Here’s the current agenda. Our Winter Webinars registration page will show a more up to date one.

RAD Studio Winter Webinars

The first Winter Webinar covered What Can You Do With RAD Studio 12

If you missed the first Winter Webinar the replay is here.

Where can I find the slides for the “What can you do with RAD Studio 12 webinar”?

You can find the slides below:

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