New blog series coming about extending TMS WEB Core with popular JS libraries

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We are pleased to announce that a new blog
article series is coming with Andrew Simard with the working title: “
Extend TMS WEB Core with JS Libraries with Andrew”.

Every week, TMS WEB Core power user Andrew Simard,
will offer insights into working with popular JavaScript libraries from TMS WEB
Core and share tips, tricks, code and projects. Andrew shares for quite some time already tips, tricks & insights for TMS WEB Core users via our Support Center in a special topic you can find here.

The first
series of +/- 20 blog articles is already planned and will come to you from
April 2022. Watch our blog to learn all about it!   

Want to get
to know Andrew Simard already? See Andrew in the replay of the TMS WEB
Core power users webinar we held a couple of weeks ago where Andrew presents his project he is building with help of TMS WEB Core.

TMS Software Delphi  Components