TMS WEB Core Academic is here for Delphi developers!

This year in February, we launched TMS VCL UI Pack Academic. In April, we launched TMS FNC UI Pack Academic. And now in September, we launch TMS WEB Core Academic!

TMS Academic program

With TMS VCL UI Pack Academic, we want to inspire and motivate students and teachers to learn about the power of the Delphi VCL framework and help users to build even more powerful, visually pleasing, and feature rich Windows desktop applications.

With TMS FNC UI Pack Academic, we want to do the same for FMX cross platform applications. Empower students and teachers to discover the fascinating world of cross platform development with Delphi and the FireMonkey framework. TMS FNC UI Pack delivers over 70 extra sophisticated cross platform/cross framework visual controls to enrich native applications created with Delphi for Windows, iOS, macOS and Android.
And now, with the third step, we want to motivate students and teachers to discover that Delphi can also be an extremely productive tool for web client application development.

TMS WEB Core Academic

TMS WEB Core , offers RAD component based visual development of web applications driven by the strongly typed and object-oriented Object Pascal language from the familiar and beloved Delphi IDE.
It is clear that with the first three academic editions of our popular products, we hope students will enjoy picking up Delphi and experience how powerful it is and how it makes software development fun at the same time. With that, we want to offer our contribution to nurture the next generation of enthusiast and passionate Delphi developers.

As all our other academic releases, it is designed for use with the latest and greatest Delphi version, now v10.4.x Sydney. In order to obtain the academic licensed version of TMS WEB Core, students and teachers need to provide an academic email address and their school or university information. In addition to the fully functional academic version of TMS WEB Core, there is plenty of information to learn about TMS WEB Core and to get started.

Getting started


TMS WEB Core Developers Guide


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TMS WEB Core: Web Application Development with Delphi

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And for those students who want to rise to the next level, there is the TMS WEB Core partner program! Develop your own components or Object Pascal interfaces to existing JavaScript libraries and publish these via the TMS WEB Core partner program. Contributing partners will get the regular TMS WEB Core version with a license that permits to use it with Delphi IDEs XE7 to 10.4 including Lazarus on Windows, macOS, and Linux but also with our brand new TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code that can be used also from all three major desktop operating systems.

It speaks for itself that we are enthusiastic to see students and teachers “go web” and we are more than curious to see what exciting, new, and innovative solutions will surface. With all that, you will move your career forward, move Delphi forward, and move TMS WEB Core forward!

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