Introducing Unity 2021 LTS

Next, we wanted to give you the ability to iterate faster and produce higher-quality experiences for your players. We’ve upgraded workflows across the board, provided better Editor usability, and enhanced our testing tools. 

Minimize time from design to hands-on creation by leveraging Feature Sets, which gather all the packages you need to start a project in a one-click bundle. Find what you’re looking for faster with improved search capability, and experience an added zippiness in common operations you use regularly.

Make sure your code is clean, performant, and high-quality with a new Mono upgrade, improved C# 8 support, and incremental builds that compile your project as you create it. A comprehensive Memory Profiler allows you to profile with multiple Players simultaneously. 

Follow up that quality coding experience with tools that facilitate an equally high-quality output. In Unity 2021 LTS, you’ll find a mobile Device Simulator to check for compatibility on multiple devices. Use the production-ready Code Coverage package with the Test Runner to export code coverage data and reports from your automated tests. Additionally, the Code Coverage package offers a Coverage Recording feature that allows you to capture coverage data on demand for manual testing or when there are no automated tests in the project.