Growth and Monetization Report: Five insights to help you achieve scale for your mobile game

Data backed insights to help grow your user base and effectively monetize your game.

It’s no simple task to attract a steady flow of new users to your game and monetize so you can keep funding your creations, but it is vital. 

While there are no guarantees or magic tricks, the formula to success is understanding what combination of development, user acquisition, and monetization strategies will work best for your game. Starting early and taking a data backed approach to understanding what strategies work best can save you from the inevitable trial and error when trying to achieve scale.

In our first mobile insights report, we dive into growth and monetization trends to offer guidance on how to approach topics like subgenre choices, soft launches, ad creative, monetization mixes, ad implementation, and even peer benchmarks. 

Read on to learn about five insights from our report, backed by unique Unity data, that will help support the future of your creation. 

  1. Plan early to improve chances of success
  2. Perfect your soft launch strategy for UA
  3. Sharpen your ad creatives
  4. Balance your IAA and IAP efforts
  5. Create placements that perform