Powerful Shipping Container Cargo Optimizer Built In Delphi FireMonkey

Dreamsofts Optimization Ltd. has an award winning shipping container cargo optimizer available in the iOS and Mac stores. The application is also available on Windows and is built in Delphi FireMonkey. Both a professional and an enterprise version are available with different feature sets. The application is described as “First container loading and pallet loading on mobile platform. You have found the easiest container/pallet loading optimization application. Simulate loading your cargo in minutes, not hours or days ! Maximize your shipping with boxes and container/truck/pallet and save money and time.” Some of the awards that the app has received are “Winner Retails & Supply Chain Application Thailand ICT Award 2014” and “Merit award Asia Pacific ICT Award 2014”. It really is an amazing looking application and utilizes the full features of FireMonkey to make it happen.


http://www.cargooptimizer.com/ (Download)

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