Another successful webinar!

Another successful webinar!

On Thursday 4/11 we had a very successful webinar about our thriller project RADoween which we finalized in just 5 working days. It’s so cool that we can use our platform TMS Web Academy to reach people from around the world. Note that TMS Web Academy is, just like the RADoween app developed with TMS Web Core. One of the interesting features we have in TMS Web Academy is a view on our audience. On this map here you can see from which countries our viewers of the last webinar are attending from. 

Viewers per country

Can’t get enough?

The recording of the webinar will be available on Tuesday next week for everyone.  You can also read this blogpost to learn more about the RADoween application.

For those who missed this webinar and still want a similar experience of a live webinar, you’ll be able to attend Bruno Fierens session at Delphicon on Nov 16. Save your seat here!