ANIMUS: Revenant, The beginning of an apocalyptic game world

Out of a desire to reach as many users as possible,, Minwoo Ryu, CEO, planned to run their game on multiple platforms from the beginning. Since they had confirmed the possibility to expand from mobile to PC and console through previous titles, the Tenbirds team prepared to expand “Revenant” to multiple platforms to leverage all their accumulated know-how and take their game to another level. As a result, the “Revenant” was released successfully on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Steam, and even PlayStation using a single source. 

It’s unusual for an Indie developer team to run their game on so many platforms, so we asked how this was made possible. Minwoo replied that they were pretty confident since their team included experienced experts from each field, but the key was Unity’s high multi-platform compatibility as well as a highly engaged community. In particular, dealing with different graphics, resources, and debugging issues of each platform is the biggest problem when expanding to multiple platforms – but since Unity has a highly engaged community, most issues could be solved quickly and easily,. With so much information about Unity many of their issues were solvable by means of a simple search and more complicated problems could be solved within the Unity forum. 

Alhough it is not visible on the game screen, the Tenbirds team developed and put to use an internal tool that combines mesh and texture to improve performance, and were also able to solve some restrictions on URP-based renderers for more vivid expression by modifying the code themselves. By actively utilizing Unity’s strengths like this, the team was able to achieve the high quality of the game and expand to multiple platforms. 

When a problem arises, it is really not easy to find the answer right away. 

But Unity makes this possible. It’s so efficient and professional. 

Most of all, you can quickly find the answer in a dedicated, highly engaged community.

Minwoo Ryu, CEO, Tenbirds