Get A Glimpse of What the New Dark IDE Theme Looks Like In This Learn Delphi Video

One of the most interesting changes brought by the RAD Studio Tokyo Release 3 (10.2.3) was the new Dark and Light themes. Whether you like to code at night or during the brightest times of days, you now have the option to switch from a Light theme to a Dark theme and vice versa. The Dark theme is more than just an IDE theme as it also comes with many interesting benefits that most developers can take advantage of.

One of which is the ability to reduce eye strain. They said that the Dark theme is easy on the eyes which is great for people who have been using the ide software for a very long period of time. If you also work at night, the dark theme also reduces the amount of light which is also good for eye health. Above all, the dark theme looks visually stunning. In this video, we will get a glimpse of what the new Dark IDE theme looks like.