You Need To Code Sign Now, Plus: Explore Microsoft Azure

TCoffee and Code is a weekly informal virtual meeting series on YouTube by Embarcadero Technologies. This virtual conversation series will gather different developers and programmers to discuss topics related to the industry. In this new session, Ian Barker will be joined by his fellow Embarcadero MVPs Holger Flick, Wagner Landgraf, and Jim Mckeeth as they discuss the importance of Code signing and explore Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Why Is Code Signing So Important?

One of the highlights of this TCoffee and Code session is the importance of code signing and how beneficial this process is for all software developers. Code Signing is generally the process of digitally signing codes (executables and scripts) to guarantee that the code of a program or software download has not been corrupted and tampered with. The conversation will discuss its implications and requirements and how code signing can help both publishers and customers. We will also learn how this process becomes an essential part of windows 10 apps development.

Exploring Microsoft Azure Cloud

The team also explore Azure Cloud by Microsoft and they discuss the pros and cons of using this cloud computing service. They also provide side-by-side comparisons between other cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition to that, they discuss other related topics including the storage of keys to Cloud’s secret repositories and more.

Holger Flick also provides us with a brief tour of the TMS FNS Cloud pack and will explain some of its controls. To top it all, the video will also give us a sneak peek of the new RAD Studio 11 as well as the upcoming TCoffee and Code sessions that you should not miss. Feel free to watch the video below to learn more.