Release Announcement: GXT 4.1 is here!

The Sencha team would like to announce the general availability of version 4.1 of GXT, Sencha’s comprehensive Java framework for building web apps using the GWT (formerly Google Web Toolkit) compiler. With GXT, developers can write apps in Java & compile their code into highly optimized cross-platform HTML5 code.

The GXT 4.1 release addresses the top customer requested features including Support for Java 11 and Google Web Toolkit (GWT) version 2.9.0.

More about the New Features

Support for Java 11 & GWT 2.9

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open source set of tools that allows front end developers to create browser-based JavaScript applications using Java APIs and widgets. 

With GXT 4.1, users can take advantage of writing frontend and backend code using Java 11 and GWT 2.9. GWT 2.9 offers many improvements for both Java emulation and runtime fixes, and provides additional benefits in emulating Java. Writing code with Java 11 is easier. Devs can expand to the latest syntax while taking advantage of the Java SDK and streamlining their code builds.  

GWT 2.9.0 was released in May 2020. Check out more details in the GWT Project Release Notes.

How do I access GXT 4.1?

Current customers can download GXT 4.1 using the following two options:

  • Get access to the zip version through the Sencha support portal
  • Download the new version through the Maven repository now hosted on MyGet. Customers can request MyGet access by submitting a ticket on the Sencha support portal and our support team will promptly guide you through this quick process.

Not a GXT customer? 

The fully featured GXT is available to try for free. New users can try GXT 4.1 with a free 30-day trial. Check out how the complete library of 140+ UI components can speed up your development cycles!

Download GXT 30-day free trial