Webinar: Develop Web Clients from the Delphi IDE

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Learn about the new features in the latest release v1.6 Pesaro in the upcoming webinar organized by Barnsten.

Webinar: Develop Web Clients from the Delphi IDE

TMS WEB Core is based on compiling Delphi UI code to JavaScript and creating this way what that Delphi developers are used to. A TMS WEB Core application can contain multiple forms. These multiple forms will be hosted in a JavaScript application a web browser user can navigate to via a single page URL. Any modern HTML5 compliant browser can run TMS WEB Core web client applications. This includes Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Firefox Developer Edition, Opera.

Our CTO Bruno Fierens will take a tour around TMS WEB Core and the exciting new capabilities v1.6 brings and how to use this in a productive way to develop web client applications.
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This will be an interactive webinar. You can ask your questions during or after the webinar.

Is a FREE online event, organized by Barnsten Netherlands, on Janaury 26th, 2021.

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