Upcoming interactive webinar: TMS WEB Core real-life apps and the best tips & tricks

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On March 10 at 16h00 UTC (17h00 CET), we have another ‘first’ at TMS Web Academy: a webinar co-presented by five (5!) TMS WEB Core users who meanwhile have serious experience under their belt in building web applications with Delphi and TMS WEB Core and with apps deployed live. 

Together with 5 co-presenters, we will show you these real-life web client applications, give an architectural overview and furthermore, share loads of tips and tricks to help building web client apps with Delphi faster and better.

A very interesting part of the co-presenter team is each has used TMS WEB Core from a different angle. This not only highlights the flexibility of TMS WEB Core but also gives you an insight in the wide range of possibilities to create apps with TMS WEB Core.


We’re extremely thankful and pleased with the bundled expertise we have for you on this webinar. Here is the list of long-time Delphi developers and TMS WEB Core power users with their specific area of expertise:

Dave Akerman
  Building TMS WEB Core Miletus Raspberry Pi apps accessing the Raspberry Pi hardware directly
Russell Weetch
  Building huge real-life TMS WEB Core web client apps driven by XData backends

TMS Web Academy v2.5

TMS Software Delphi  Components

This upcoming webinar experience with 5 co-presenters will also take advantage of the new release v2.5 of TMS Web Academy. The TMS Web Academy is built with TMS WEB Core itself. This new version will allow us to switch presenters & screen sharing live during the webinar. While useful for co-presented webinars, this new v2.5 feature will also help us when we introduce training sessions via the TMS Web Academy platform, allowing the presenter to see screens of users and have a more lively interaction.
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Register here for your unique opportunity to ask questions directly to 5 TMS WEB Core power users and exchange techniques, discuss technical choices and more… during the webinar on March 10, 2022 at 16h00 UTC (17h00 CET)