Unity Art tools: A new era of creativity

Many artists have told us that they find the tools and pipelines for digital content creation fragmented. Not only do they require excessive manual work, they don’t always lend themselves well to effective collaboration.

Success with these tools, then, primarily requires the removal of the barriers caused by those fragmented datasets and disjointed creation systems.

Over the past two years, Unity has been developing and refining its existing artistry tools to bring content authoring technologies together and remove those barriers from the creation process. This is a major priority moving forward, as Ziva Co-founder and Academy Award Winner James Jacobs notes: “We have worked really hard to make sure that creators have the best possible experience.”

For Unity, this means accelerating solutions to the hard problems that artists face and making iteration of content creation more approachable than ever.

“I’m super excited about 3D art expanding beyond just simple assets and modest ambitions.”

Bay Raitt, the talented creator of Gollum’s facial animation system for the LOTR trilogy, and now a developer at Unity, provides direct insight into why this artist-first mentality is crucial for building out our professional artistry toolkit:

“It was always a little frustrating that [some content creation tools] are landlocked… When you move away from that studio you think, ‘oh, these fragmented pieces don’t have to be done in separate ways. They can be done in this sort of networked way, in concert together.’”