TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code 1.9.8 available now!

We’re pleased to inform that TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code 1.9.8 is available. With TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code, you can develop web client applications with Object Pascal and using a RAD component based approach. In the last year, we worked very hard to not only fine-tune TMS WEB Core project compatibility between Delphi and Visual Studio Code but also to ensure the features and framework are in sync. Last week we released TMS WEB Core for Delphi and all improvements this latest release brought are today available in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code. This ensures that you or the colleagues in your team have the freedom of choice to develop web client applications from the Delphi IDE on Windows or from the Visual Studio Code IDE directly on Windows, macOS or a Linux desktop machine.

Among the many framework improvements, we want to highlight in this blog two new core features.

Direct forms support

The “Direct form” type, is a form that isn’t using its own unique HTML template file but lives in the application main HTML file. This facilitates that such web client application can be started directly from the file system (no HTTP(s) server needed) and also that it loads faster. You can still bind WEB Core controls to HTML elements but here, the HTML elements will need to be added to the main application HTML file. Note that in a TMS WEB Core web client application, you can mix direct forms with regular forms using a HTML template.

To add a direct form to your TMS WEB Core web client application in Visual Studio Code, use this new repository item:
TMS Software Delphi  Components
To understand better what direct forms can mean for you, check out this video too where it is demonstrated when used from the Delphi IDE.

JavaScript Libraries Manager

When developing web client applications, it’s a kind of no-brainer to take advantage of existing JavaScript and CSS libraries. Things that come to mind are the Bootstrap, jQuery, Google Material icons, Fontawesome libraries and many more. Most likely, you have your own favorite JavaScript libraries you want to use together with TMS WEB Core web client apps. The JavaScript Libraries Manager allows you to directly pick your preferred library from a list and the IDE will add the proper reference to the project HTML file. At the same time, you can add your own preferred libraries for later convenient reuse.

TMS Software Delphi  Components

Get started!

If you are a TMS ALL-ACCESS user, you automatically have access to the full & latest version of TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code. 
Get in touch with our team or check out our support center for technical assistance or for sharing your ideas & thoughts to steer further development.