This Ultimate Mathematical Visualization Software Comes With Full Delphi Source Code

Algosim is a mathematical visualization application and scripting language that lets you perform computations on numbers, vectors, matrices, images, sounds, and more.

  • More than 800 functions and 70 operators
  • More than 320 mathematical functions, ranging from linear algebra from number theory
  • A syntax that very closely mimics the notation in ordinary mathematics
  • Functions are first-class objects
  • A comprehensive set of list-manipulation functions
  • A comprehensive set of 2D visualization functions with SVG export
  • Visualize data as images, sounds, and MIDI music
  • A comprehensive manual in almost 1000 pages
  • More than 40,000 automatic tests (close to 500,000 after parameterization) are used to assert the correctness of the software
  • Free to download and use

Algoism is developed by Andreas Rejbrand.

Complete with Delphi source code

The program is great on its own, but what’s ever better for us Delphi fans is that the full source code is available here: which means you can take a look for yourself and see how it does its work – excellent as a learning resource.

What operating systems are supported?

Algoism runs on all recent versions of Microsoft Windows and it only requires 100mb of space to do it!



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