Stay on top of what’s happening in the Delphi world with new webinars in October

The Delphi train is unstoppable. Not only did Embarcadero bring a brand new Delphi 11 with tons of valuable new features, our team also worked around the clock to keep bringing useful add-ons to get even more out of Delphi. 
Here is your chance to stay on top of this with three webinars we have scheduled in October so far:

The Aurelius dictionary : Oct 7, 2021 4h00PM UTC / 18h00 CET

Learn more about the brand new TMS Aurelius dictionary feature, and how it will bring even more capabilities to your favorite ORM framework for Delphi. Get compile-time errors, check for dictionary validation and make your database queries even easier to build.
In short, a webinar that is not to miss for anyone pondering about adding ORM technology to existing applications or get even more out of Aurelius based applications! Your host is Wagner Landgraf, the architect and product manager for TMS Aurelius.

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The new WX pack, new territories open for your Delphi apps : Oct 12, 2021 3h00PM UTC / 17h00 CET

WX Pack controls bring a brand new approach to leverage existing non-trivial and complex components and libraries for Delphi VCL Windows applications, cross-platform FireMonkey applications or web client apps. Among the first such components in WX Pack will be: PDF viewer, QR code generator, barcode generator, text to speech, OCR, JSON viewer, …  Learn about the architecture of the new WX controls and see how these are universal and work in VCL, FMX, LCL or WEB Core apps. See the first WX controls in action. We will show also new WX controls in development, what further WX controls we have on our radar and we listen to your questions and inputs, suggestions for more WX controls. Your host is Bruno Fierens, CTO of 

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Miletus brings creating Raspberry Pi apps from your Delphi IDE : Oct 19, 2021 3h00PM UTC / 17h00 CET

Miletus technology now also enables you to create applications running directly on the Raspberry Pi SBC. And this all directly from the Delphi IDE. And of course, from the Miletus application, you can control various hardware accessories via the i²c, SPI or UART on the Raspberry Pi. Discover how Miletus will empower you to bring Raspberry Pi apps from the Delphi IDE in this webinar!  Your host is Bruno Fierens, CTO of 

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TMS WEB Academy

All webinars will be brought to you via the TMS WEB Academy. Our TMS WEB Academy is our platform, fully created with TMS WEB Core to host webinars for you. During the webinars, interaction is encouraged, you can ask questions via messages or directly spoken and when extra resources are coupled with the webinar content, these will also be live shared during the webinar.