Sencha ExtReact – Everything you need to Create Stunning Web Applications

Sencha ExtReact includes 115+ pre-built UI components that are fully supported and designed to work together seamlessly over the lifetime of the application. ExtReact supports React 15 and React 16.

React is a popular JavaScript framework that offers a component-based approach to building web apps. React, however, does not include any pre-built components. React developers are faced with the choice of either building these components from scratch or getting them from the community. You can develop web applications faster by using ExtReact with React. ExtReact includes 115+ pre-built and pre-tested UI components.

  • Grid — Handle millions of records and provides built-in functionality such as sorting and grouping.
  • Pivot Grid — Add powerful analytics functionality to React applications.
  • Exporter — Export data from the standard grid or Pivot Grid to a wide variety of common formats.
  • Layouts — Ensures the proper sizing and positioning of all components with the powerful and flexible layout system.
  • Charts — Visually represent data with a broad range of dynamic and static charts including line, bar, and pie charts.
  • D3 Adapter — Add sophisticated Data-Driven Documents package (D3) visualizations such as heatmaps, treemaps, sunbursts and more to your web applications.

Since the explosion in popularity of JavaScript in 2009 as both a front-end and back-end language for building web applications, it has become increasingly complicated to choose the best technologies for developing data-intensive applications. With literally dozens of possible JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and tools, there is an abundance of riches for the JavaScript developer.

What hasn’t changed are schedule pressures and software complexity. Software must be designed to be modular, and must be well-structured to reduce maintenance and change costs. JavaScript libraries and tools provide these attributes. Specifically, ExtReact can help development teams and organizations get their applications to market faster by reducing development time and so much more.