One subscription for all current VCL components!

TMS Software Delphi  Components

TMS VCL Subscription is our two year subscription to all our current & future VCL products for Windows application development.

With this bundle you will save over 60% now and even more with new free VCL component releases! This bundle includes many unique products like TMS VCL UI Pack with over 600 VCL  components, grids, flexcel, charts, …

All products come with perpetual licenses and 2 years of FREE updates & support. After 2 years the subscription can be extended at 50% discount!

Products included in the bundle:

  • TMS Logging
  • TMS VCL UI Pack
  • TMS VCL Cloud Pack
  • TMS VCL Chart
  • TMS VCL WebGMaps
  • TMS PassKit
  • TMS FlexCel Component Suite for VCL
  • TMS Scripter
  • TMS Query Studio
  • TMS Unicode Component Pack
  • TMS GUIMotions
  • TMS Async
  • TMS VCL Plugin Framework
  • TMS VCL Security System
  • TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop
  • TMS Workflow Studio
  • TMS Diagram Studio
  • TMS MultiTouch SDK

Get full access to VCL components:

  • Best bundle for Delphi / C++Builder
    VCL Win32 or Win64 application developer.
  •  2
    years free updates & free support.
  •  Renewal
    after 2 years at 50% discount 
    instead of regular 795 EUR*.
  • Always current with latest Delphi
    & C++Builder
  • All products accessible via TMS Subscription Manager tool.
  • Full online support through TMS Support Center.
*The price is valid for this moment & depends on the price of the pack at the moment of renewal.

Act now:

Find out more about our products included in TMS VCL Subscription and get your license today!

NOTE: Contact sales for special upgrading pricing for existing customers of other products.