Must Have: This Free & Powerful Report Generator For Your Windows Apps

Sooner or later your applications need to create some sort of visualization of the data they handle. RAD Studio users already get a bundled version of the TChart graphing component so you can easily produce pie, bar and line graphs. Our rich eco-system of technology partners also provide a number of different takes on report writers and generators ranging from spreadsheet-based generators thru PDF creators to banded reporting tools.

Reporting and Visualization 101 – in case you’ve been living under a rock

Reporting and visualization tools include generalized reporting in the style of a typed document, decision-making pivot tables, and market analysis graphing. It’s really about translating raw data into marshalled, organized, hard-copy to make it more ‘human friendly’. But then you knew that already, didn’t you?

Name your price

Prices for reporting tools vary quite widely from under $100 US to several thousand.… as is the case with FortesReport.

What is FortesReport?

FortesReport is a powerful report generator available as a package of components for Delphi developers. In FortesReport, the reports are composed of bands that have specific functions in the print stream.

You can define groupings, sublevels, and totals simply by the hierarchical relationship between bands. Moreover, the FortesReport has a rich palette of components for text, charts, formulas, bar codes, filters, and layout.

The repository also has several demo applications so you can see it in action for yourself.

Head over and check out the FortesReport report generator components here:

Great work, excellent quality and quite amazing for it to be an open-source product too.