Discover How To Synchronize Prototypes in Delphi in This Learn Delphi Video

In his previous Learn Delphi video, Alister Christie of Learn Delphi TV shared with us the advantage of using the MultiPaste feature of the Delphi xe7 as well as other ide tools for windows 10. Interestingly, MultiPaste is not just the new useful feature of this particular Delphi version. In this video, Alister will let us explore the Synchronize prototypes.

According to the video, in Prototype Synchronization, as you change the prototype for a function, you can use this feature to synchronize the interface and implementation sections to match. In this video, Alister will demonstrate this particular method. If you want to learn how to synchronize prototypes in Delphi and you want to explore this amazing feature, feel free to watch the video above and see how you can apply it to your own project.