How To Do Business And Make Money With Delphi Today

Due to the current pandemic, webinars have become the newest form of interactive tech convention. Embarcadero Technologies, who were already way ahead of the curve on this, recently added to their great diversity of online webinars, tutorials and how-to streams with an informal virtual meeting where developers discuss various topics related to Delphi, windows program development, and the tech industry in general.

TCoffeeAndCode is packed with great advice and is completely free

TCoffee and Code is a hugely popular virtual meeting series where each session highlights different topics. In this video, Embarcadero MVPs like Marco Cantu, Ian Barker, Zack Briggs, Anders Ohlsson, Glenn Dufke, Dave Akerman, and Jim McKeeth gathered together to discuss everything about Delphi and its huge impact.

The session also highlighted an interesting discussion on how to do business with a Delphi Consultant and they even tackled an interesting dating guide for software developers. This 2-hour-long video session also discusses WideOrbit and why the company uses Delphi. They also tell us how they hire Delphi developers and what tools and components they use for their products and services.

How to do business with Delphi and earn an income with it

The team also shares their thoughts about how and how much the project should be priced. They also discuss how software estimation works and how it can help the developer approach their client to get the right price for the project. The video will also highlight Delphi’s involvement in NASA’s 2020 Mars Perseverance Rover. If you want to learn more about the huge impact of Delphi you really should watch the video!