Free Cross-Platform Order Entry Point Of Sale App Template For Delphi

This industry-ready Order Entry Application template for busy small business owners. This project is to build a general template for the regular structure of the order entry application.      


• Specifically we are working on something similar to general existing order entry applications.

• The goal is to have a reusable template that a user can download and add their content to and create a professional-looking application.

• The template will be delivered in a sample application that shows the power and flexibility of the template. And that is documented enough so that a user will understand how to customize it for their use. On the following slides, you will find screenshots and annotations

  • Order Entry – tabs, rooms, and menu management
  • Time Clock – employee clock in/out
  • Manager – main manager settings
  • Exit – exit from the application
  • In a room view, it is possible to assign a table to a user and to start a new tab
  • It is possible to move tables on the screen according to their real location
  • It is possible to see the number of seats for each table
  • On this screen, the user can pay for the order in different ways and leave tips

You can download the Order Entry App from GetIt Package Manager


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