Easily Create Complex Word Files And Handle XML Files Efficiently In Delphi!

In this CodeRage session, you can find out how to do these tasks:

  • Overview of OpenXml files
  • Getting the file properties
  • Creating a simple Word file
  • Creating a complex Word file

XML files are ZIP files with a special format. If we open a file, for example, a Word document file with the help of a Zip Manager, you can see that file is really a zip file with an XML file in it. In the XML files, you can find out styles, fonts, and other settings of the Word file itself.

So how we can manage and process these files with the help of our Delphi application then? This is so easy for us because we have great Delphi that has the TZipFile & the TZipHeader classes. Moreover, to read XML files and iterating over XML nodes you can use the TXMLDocument and IXMLNode interface to fetch node element, node data, and node text.

Be sure to watch the session to learn more about the opening XML files and creating Word files!