Discover How this New Per Control Styling Feature in Delphi Works in this Learn Delphi Video Tutorial

Delphi MVP, Alister Christie is sharing with us another Learn Delphi video to help us understand the new features of the Delphi Program in a fast and more efficient way. His lessons will help aspiring programmers to program faster and better by utilizing windows app development tools. After sharing with us the details about the new Language Server Protocol in a Delphi program, he is going to demonstrate yet another new feature.

This time, we will explore the Per control styling in Delphi. This new Learn Delphi video by Christie will not just teach us how this new Per Control styling feature works but will also show us an actual demonstration. The video above will feature a quick experiment to demonstrate multiple forms in the same application with different styles. To learn more, feel free to watch the video above and see what else this amazing Learn Delphi tutorial has to offer.