Discover Annotating and Commenting Your Delphi Code With This Learn Delphi Video

In this video, we will learn how to annotate and comment on your Delphi code to make it more readable for your teammates, colleagues, your teachers, and also for yourself. You will learn the importance of commenting and annotating the Delphi code and what are the benefits you can gain from it in return. According to the video, by commenting and annotating your code, you generally describe what your code means and it makes it easier for everyone to read them.

In addition to that, annotating and commenting on your code allows you to create documentation for your program which makes it easier for you to locate problematic codes or areas that need change or revision in the future. This method also helps you analyze or assess the purpose of your code as quickly as possible. Feel free to watch the video and see the step by step procedure on how to annotate or comment on your code.