Announcing the new updated RAD Server Technical Guide

Back in 2019, David I wrote a fantastic guide to RAD Server that has been very popular in helping developers develop new, and migrate older systems towards a RESTful architecture. There have been a number of updates to RAD Server since the guide was originally launched, including a number of new components that have simplified and made RAD Server even more RAD! 

We have also had a lot of feedback over time about using the guide, and we have incorporated a large part of that into the new, heavily revised version. Today we launch the first part of that guide but with a refreshed approach. Now you will find not only the text guide but also source code examples that you can directly download from Github for both Delphi and C++Builder, and also includes a comprehensive video series supporting each chapter. 

To download the latest RAD Server Technical Guide for Free, just click the next button:

Once you have downloaded the new guide, you will find in the paper the links for the GitHub repository with all the examples as well as the video series included.

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The list of the current published chapters is:

Chapter 1: What’s RAD Server – Introduction
Chapter 2: Using the RAD Wizard to Create a “hello world”
Chapter 3: Creating your first CRUD Application
Chapter 4: REST Debugger
Chapter 5: Using FireDAC Batch Move and JSONWriter
Chapter 6: JSONValue, JSONWriter and JSONBuilder
Chapter 7: Creating your own customized endpoints
Chapter 8: Accessing the built-in analytics
Chapter 9: Deploying RAD Server (Windows, Linux & Docker)
Chapter 10: RAD Server Lite

Our plan is to keep this guide updated and release new chapters progressively in the future so stay tuned for upcoming updates.

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