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Embarcadero Subscription Benefits – Highlights for September 2020

Embarcadero Subscription will help Your team to focus on most important things – increase efficiency and Reduce development time and get to market faster with RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder.

Design. Code. Compile. Deploy.

RAD Studio Update for Embarcadero Subscription benefits continues to expand. In addition to multiple FREE components and tools available to Update Subscription customers, we want to highlight several exciting features for September related to the 10.4 / 10.4.1 releases. 

Custom HighDPI ready VCL Windows Styles 

In 10.4, we significantly extended the VCL Styles architecture to support High DPI and 4K monitors. All UI controls on the VCL form are now automatically scaled for the proper resolution of the monitor the form is displayed on.  Each UI element can be selected from a library of multi-scale versions and scaled to any DPI, resulting in crisp UI elements on all monitors.

The following 13 custom VCL styles have been updated to fully support High DPI with your VCL applications:

  • Calypso
  • Stellar
  • Wedgewood Light
  • Material Oxford Blue
  • Puerto Rico
  • Material Patterns Blue
  • Windows 10 Modern Malibu
  • Windows 10 Modern Blue Whale
  • Windows 10 Modern Clear Day
  • Windows 10 Modern Black Pearl
  • Flat UI Light
  • Lucky Point
  • Zircon
Embarcadero Subscription benefists and updates in Romania

Parallel Debugger 

Today’s applications don’t just run on one thread – they’re spread over the main UI thread and multiple parallel threads all inter-operating. Yet most IDEs are built around interacting with one thread at a time when debugging, or have debugging controls that aren’t even aware that more threads might exist at all.

Debugging thread interactions can be hard, really hard… and we have the solution: a new parallel extension to RAD Studio designed for understanding and controlling what your multi-threaded application is doing. Visualize thread call stacks in parallel. See multiple threads indicated inline in the code editor. Control execution on a per-thread basis. And more! This exciting new extension is coming soon exclusively for Update Subscription customers using RAD Studio 10.4.1.

TwineCompile: speed up C++ builds 

C++ can be slow to compile, for all C++ IDEs – and TwineCompile is the answer. This amazing C++Builder extension parallelizes C++ builds, speeding them up by the number of cores in your machine – making your project build in half, a quarter, or even less time.

This add-on is one of the best productivity extensions available for C++ development. Depending on your application size, it’s possible to save an hour or more per day – a huge time saver for your entire development team!

There are three short, two-minute videos introducing TwineCompile and how to use it: probably the best six minutes you could spend today improving things for your C++ team.

You can get TwineCompile now for C++Builder with your Update Subscription — including for Professional edition customers!

Updated FMX Linux

We also recently updated the FMXLinux package for Delphi in GetIt. The latest version has full support for 10.4.1 and includes a number of quality improvements.