View From The Tap – Bulgarian Firm Supports Country’s Market Leaders With Delphi And InterBase (Case Study)

Using InterBase and Delphi, Bulgarian software company Bonev Soft (BSoft) has made financial management and tax payments painless for the country’s industry leaders for over 20 years.

BSoft’s flagship software, AJUR®, is an integrated management system for Windows very popular with government and non-government organizations in Bulgaria and around the world, across a number of vertical industries – from manufacturing and financial services through to power generation. More than 5,000 BSoft customers use AJUR to provide financial reports to tax authorities and various other stakeholders, and closely manage their supply chains. Among them are many of Bulgaria’s industry leaders.

bul-0016The View From The Tap Case Study explores how BSoft solved its scaling and efficiency challenges using a highly effective combination of Delphi and InterBase.

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