Unity and Urban Arts are creating brighter futures for underserved students

UA’s School of Interactive Arts (SIA) uses Unity to teach video game design and related skills like coding, animation, and story development. Through this training, students develop the abilities and confidence to pursue careers in a variety of creative and technical fields.

Working with Unity tools, UA students have created games that address the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and other social issues, alongside more lighthearted projects like smoothie mixing, card-based magician duels, and DJ sets. Some students have even taken their games to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, flexing both their artistic and marketing skills.

Beyond real-time development, Urban Arts helps its students with AP and SAT exam preparation, financial aid applications, and college application fees. They also connect students with mentors and internships, ensuring they emerge as highly skilled and career-ready leaders.

Over the past six years, School of Interactive Arts students have earned over $7 million in scholarships and gone on to attend first-rate colleges and universities including Stanford, Columbia, USC, Hunter, and Rutgers.

Unity is proud to support Urban Arts in providing equitable STEAM education that prepares tomorrow’s innovators, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs for success.

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