Top 10 Webinars: C++ And C++Builder

IF C++ and C++Builder are part of your development repertoire (and even if they aren’t), we invite you to enjoy our top 10 webinars around both, plus a bonus video with a rather influential figure in the history of C++ (scroll to the bottom to find out who it is).






Why C++Builder?

C++ has consistently dominated “Top Programming Languages” lists worldwide this year. With such a strong demand, C++ developers are well-positioned to experience a good problem: too much work. Join presenter and C++Builder Product Manager, David Millington, to explore the features and functionality that set C++Builder apart by helping C++ developers worldwide build stunning apps faster. Additionally, get an exclusive sneak peek into the powerful updates coming soon to C++Builder.

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Installing C++Builder 10.4.2 CE – Summer Camp 2021

Installation of and introduction to C++Builder 10.4.2 CE

Part of the Learn to Code Summer Camp 2021

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Migrating and Modernizing C++ Projects

Learn more about Embarcadero Technologies products at

Try the latest version of C++Builder for FREE

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Migrating your C++Builder Projects to Unicode, with Al Mannarino

This session focuses on helping you migrate your legacy C++Builder apps to Unicode.

CodeRage XII, Session 1. Migrating your C++ Builder Projects to Unicode, by Al Mannarino.

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Rapid C++ Development, with Rob Swindell – C++Builder GUI Development

Rapid C++ Development, featuring Embarcadero MVP Rob Swindell.
Chapter 8: Comparing GUI Development Part 2 – C++Builder VCL

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Quick C++Builder CRUD with FireDAC and InterBase

A C++Builder multi-device FireMonkey application connecting to InterBase using FireDAC and displaying data in a TGrid using LiveBindings with simple create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) functionality.

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Using C++ Builder to Extend the Reach of Delphi – with David Millington

Many people know you can mix C++ and Delphi in one app. But not everyone knows how, or even why you might do it. But there are lots of reasons – faster app performance for critical code, using the vast number of open source C or C++ libraries, even just the options a different language approach can give you to solving a programming problem. Join this talk to learn what C++Builder can offer to your Delphi app, and how you can easily make use of it from what feels like native Delphi code.

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Catch Leaks in Delphi and C++ Builder [On-Demand]

How to find leaks in RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney, Delphi and C++Builder

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Python for C++ Developers with David I. & Kiriakos Vlahos – Webinar Replay

David I. has a fantastic blog post on using Python4Delphi with C++Builder. This was inspired by our previous webinars on the topic. and is the result of his collaboration with Kiriakos (AKA PyScripter), the maintainer of Python4Delphi, who also made some changes in the library to work better with C++Builder.

By popular request, David and Kiriakos have also agreed to run a Python for C++ developers webinar where you can learn to leverage Python from your favorite C++ developer tools.

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LLDB Debugger for Win64 C++ – What’s New in RAD Studio 10.4

The new debugger functions based on LLDB make handling your C++Builder projects a snap. It handles a variety of formats and will support all your coding operations.

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BONUS: C++ Language Conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup and David Intersimone

Bjarne and David discuss the history, evolution, and future of C++.

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