The Story Of Turbocharged Windows Development Starts With Delphi

Delphi is technically a development environment powered by and for the Object Pascal programming language along with a suite of tools to enable high productivity and rapid application development.

The ideas of the first version of Delphi originally began to emerge from Borland’s Turbo Pascal. However, it was decided that the object-oriented extensions that had been added to the Pascal language up to that point in time were not ideal, so the development team effectively started fresh and derived the language inspired by a broad number of ideas including those from Apple’s Object Pascal. 

What is the killer feature of Delphi?

Ultimately the drag and drop visual development of Delphi quickly demonstrated that such a visual approach was able to promote rapid visual app development for the users. Now, more than twenty five years on from those auspicious beginning, with hundreds of built-in visual and non-visual components, developers can rapidly design a master responsive UI layout once, then easily customize platform and device-specific views without redesigning the whole UI. This encapsulation of functionality into reusable components allowed for a low demand for actual writing code. Developers could – and still can – produce wholly, or mostly, complete applications with little or no code. It was, quite literally one of the original low code platforms.

What do we mean by RAD Studio Delphi is a low code platform?

If you would choose to create data-aware business applications, you can use enterprise-grade database components and a LiveBindings Designer to connect UI controls to data in a graphical high-level design way. The Live Binding mechanism is based on the observer model. It is built into the component library and gives access to any control that has a property that is able to interact with the live binding mechanism. This gives you, the developer, high productivity and a lightning-fast data-aware business application in seconds.

The Story Of Turbocharged Windows Development Starts With Delphi - the developer-centric IDE

Many business owners and app developers select Delphi because of being able to build stable products fast. The integration of Win32 API into Delphi’s Visual Component Library and its completeness gives a great environment on which to build native Windows programs. We can easily say that Delphi VCL is the number one library for building high-performance and native programs for Windows.

Are Delphi applications really faster than other programs?

To point out that speed is much better than most of the programming languages in the market. Delphi wins easily on speed because it compiles to native code which has a faster execution speed and much more rapid application startup.

The Story Of Turbocharged Windows Development Starts With Delphi - native code is the fastest code

Where is Delphi used?

Be sure to find out and learn about success stories by industries on the Embarcadero success stories web page. You can find thousands of businesses running with the power of Delphi and the Visual Component Library or FireMonkey framework behind them.          

  • Health and Science
  • Geology
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation and more

One thing that every business owner pointed out was the “Faster time to market for new product development” as the key to success.

Are there a lot of programs still written in Delphi?

Similarly, you can see and learn about hundreds of the latest mobile, desktop, web solution that made with Delphi. You can see beautifully designed and engineered applications that show the power of Delphi with VCL and cross-platform FMX framework in action.

Here’s just a small selection of applications:

Is Delphi being used for ‘serious’ modern development?

Delphi remains popular in the scientific community to perform just some of the following:

  • Image Analysis in Health Care Industry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Researches to solve problems that are useful for system dynamics, control theory
  • Numerical analysis of stress in plants
  • Various health care and medical software
  • Researches on thermal food sterilization processes
  • Simulations
  • Robotics
  • and in many fields like Neutron Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math
  • It has even been used in space

Wait, did you say Delphi is being used in space?

Head over to the Embarcadero Delphi page and start your first app with Delphi using the free Community Edition right now!

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