The Next Big Thing in Windows Development 

In recent years we’ve seen objects and ideas previously thought of as science fiction become realities in our present world. The evolution of modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are largely to thank for this fiction becomes reality migration. However, when it comes to Windows development, there are often new solutions, techniques, or features touted as the next big thing.

As experts in the field, Embarcadero is always chasing down the next most promising Really Great Idea in Windows development. In this article I discuss some exciting prospects that seem likely to take Windows development by storm.

Is Delphi the Next Big Thing in Windows Development?

Since succeeding Turbo Pascal, Delphi has evolved into the biggest advent in the world of Windows development. Helping developers write code faster and smarter with its modern OOP practices and robust frameworks, Delphi significantly increases developer productivity. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve, smart developers design, refactor, and build their code using Delphi.

What makes Delphi such a great tool for writing Windows software?

Delphi programs are incredibly robust and require little to no dependencies or preinstallation of anything at all unlike virtually every other kind of Windows Development technology. The programs are fully compiled binaries so there is no source code to run through a compiler or runtime interpreter. Those binaries – the things users install – are native too so they run at the full speed of the machine and are not filtered through a runtime framework or some kind of byte code which can only run at a reduced speed due to the overheads of the byte-code interpreter. It’s common for Delphi programs to run unchanged for many years, passing through various iterations of Windows upgrade cycles like Windows 7, Windows 8, 10, 11 and beyond. They still run without needing to be updated and without breaking due to external dependencies which have morphed around the program during the Windows upgrade – this is almost universally not the case for any other programming language out there.

Can Delphi make use of modern features and technology?

RAD Studio Delphi is a powerful Object Pascal IDE and component library for single-source multi-platform Native App Development with flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity.RAD Studio Delphi provides VCL controls for modern Windows app development for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Embarcadero’s RAD studio Delphi also provides the FireMonkey FMX cross platform development framework which allows programmers to create apps which work faultlessly on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices running Android or iOS. Here are some of Delphi’s key features:

  • Support for high-DPI and 4K+ screens
  • Extended multi-monitor support
  • High-performance compilers
  • Modern OOP centric languages 
  • Cross-platform support, etc

Why Is an integrated software development toolchain important?

Essentially, your software development toolchain combines your individual solutions into a collective end-to-end process. However, for many developers, their initial choice toolchain consists of siloed solutions— individual tools operated in different development environments. This siloing can cause friction, leading to reduced productivity, slower deployment and distribution time, and difficulty maintaining applications. 

Increasingly, Windows development tools are being integrated with one another, facilitating a more reliable release process. Integrations can be built-in or custom-built. The former’s advantage over the latter is that you don’t have to worry about support and maintenance. RAD Studio Delphi offers integrated toolchains with a streamlined IDE, code editor, integrated debugger, visual designers to accelerate development, hundreds of visual components, comprehensive industry-standard database and cloud connectivity. This way, you can increase productivity, efficiency, and speed up time to market. 

Are fast compiles the Next Big Thing?

Asides from perfectly working code, nothing makes a developer happier than productivity. One major development concern over the years has been compiling a lot of code quickly. Many compilers in the market today brag about their compilation speed but offer very little in the end. Practically any decent compiler can compile a few lines of code relatively fast, but when it comes to those large projects with millions of lines of code, the reverse is the case. 

Generally, two factors dictate compilation speed;

  • Code size; the larger your code, the longer it takes.
  • Level of toolchain optimization refers to your complete set of tools, including your compiler.

The first factor and part 1 of the second factor are kind of obvious. Let’s talk about the second factor, part b- compiler optimization. A great Windows compiler optimizes or improves the code to make it require less resources to compile, therefore speeding up compilation. A popular compiler known for its fast compilation is the Delphi compiler. According to its Wikipedia page, “Delphi is known for its fast compilation speed, native code, and developer productivity.”  

Why Is reduced complexity important in app development?

It is no news that the need for rapid application development has never been more pressing. With changing market conditions, compliance, technology demands, and ultimately customer expectations, developers must continuously roll out updates as well as new and exciting features. To effectively iterate according to user requirements, you can’t have complex code. Unfortunately, complexity is often the case for many developers. They spend their time writing more code, and in the later stages, such as upgrades, they come across many lines of unnecessary code, and everything is now so complex that they can’t fix it. 

Fortunately, there’s more emphasis on reduced complexity today. With many experts believing it is the key to ultimately unlocking developer productivity. In this case, developers are looking to reduce complexity and are incorporating tools that help them write less code. Embarcadero’s RAD Studio has the “less code” development paradigm as the fundamental principle of the platform. RAD Studio is a rapid application development package based on the “write once, compile everywhere” approach. With its numerous powerful features, this solution has a track record of approaching the Windows development productivity issue from multiple angles, one of which is by reducing code complexity.   

Are you ready to increase your Windows development productivity?

I’m sure you understand the importance of productivity in Windows development. From building, deploying, and distributing new applications to rolling out updates, developers are always seeking to become more productive. In the same vein, smart and successful developers are leveraging Delphi and RAD studio to speed up time to market, increase efficiency, and ultimately boost productivity. Do you want to become one of them?  Try RAD Studio for free or request a demonstration of this product.