Speed Up FireMonkey Layout Construction And Painting Performance With These Tips

In this CodeRage session, you can learn how to speed up FireMonkey layout construction and improve the painting performance of FireMonkey applications.

With Delphi Visual Designer you can design any user interface by easily dragging and dropping the components. If you need some customizations you can alter the properties of the components or just change the style. But complex layouts tend to contain more controls than necessary.

TFmxObject – Base Class for FireMonkey Components

  • Heavyweight class
  • Several lazily initialized lists on top of TComponent ones
  • Complex layouts need a substantial amount of time to construct, align and paint
  • Performance penalties can be significant on mobile platforms

So, how we can optimize our layouts then? Here are the possible layout optimization options that you can implement:

  • Simplify layout designs
  • Optimize images for screen size and density
  • Avoid shadows, effects, or any unnecessary effects
  • Implement Lazy loading
  • Optimize layout hierarchies without changing the visual appearance of the layout

Be sure to watch the session to learn and grasp real-world experience in optimizing FireMonkey applications!