Sencha News: November Edition


[Blog] From the General Manager’s Desk

2020 is nearly through, and what a year it’s been!

Get a look into the mind of our General Manager, Kegan Blumenthal, with our latest blog as he takes a look back at what’s new and what’s next for Sencha for the remainder of the year.

There’s still plenty of surprises in store that we wouldn’t want you to miss—so be sure to give this GM update a read!

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[Webinar On-Demand] Analyzing Ext JS Apps with Chrome Performance Tools

Even the best-built application is bound to experience the occasional dip in performance—if you’ve ever clicked a button or selected a row in a grid in an Ext JS app, only for it to take longer than desired for the action to complete, you know what we’re talking about.

Fortunately, Chrome developer tools enable devs to diagnose what’s hindering their application’s performance—and we’re here to show you how to utilize them.

Sencha product expert Marc Gusmano provided an in-depth look at the performance panel and how you can apply this tool to your own application—check it out!

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[Product Release] Blazing Fast Web App Development for ASP.NET—Ext.NET Has Arrived

Building great looking and blazing fast web apps with ASP.NET Core technology and Ext JS has never been easier!

Our team is excited to introduce Sencha Ext.NET—an advanced ASP.NET Core UI framework that incorporates the powerful component library for efficient and scalable web & mobile app development.

If you’re an ASP.NET dev, Ext.NET is the perfect choice for your app development:

  • Drop-and-go components
  • Cross-browser & Cross-platform support
  • Simplified client-to-server communication
  • Flexible layout manager and responsive config system
  • Out-of-the-box modern themes
  • And so much more!

Learn everything there is to know about the latest addition to our Sencha product suite by checking out the release blog:

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[Webinar On-Demand] How and When to Use Trees in Your Ext JS App

Trees are an essential component for Ext JS developers to utilize when showing grouped, hierarchical, and drill-down data—and we want to enable you to do just that.

Sencha product expert Max Rahder returned by popular demand to host a live demonstration where Ext JS devs learned to configure trees, organize and detch tree data, update and manipulate tree nodes, use tree plugins, and more for both the modern and classic toolkits.

The whole presentation is available to view at your leisure—check it out!

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[Free Guide] Secure Your Software Pipeline with a Safer Front-end

The deepest concern haunting most enterprises is the security aspect of software development—particularly around security monitoring, maintenance and ownership. 

Threats to mission-critical applications need immediate intervention and can add more time, money and resources to an already complex software pipeline.

In our latest free guide, Securing Your Software Pipeline with a Safer Front-end Framework Solution, you’ll learn what security vulnerabilities are, what types of vulnerabilities you need to be on the lookout for with open source, and how adopting a safer front-end framework solution could protect your application development.

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[Video Guide] Getting Started with Ext JS in 3 Easy Steps

Getting started with the latest and greatest version of Ext JS has never been easier—our new video guide is here to walk you through the three easy steps necessary to hit the ground running with your application development.

Download Ext JS 7.3 here and then spend the next 5 minutes watching our quickstart guide to begin taking full advantage of the feature and product enhancements introduced in our recent release.

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[Feature Friday Highlight] Ext JS Pivot Grid

The fastest Grid on the market provides you with the means to bring powerful and intuitive data analytics to your web application. With Ext JS Pivot Grid, application developers can:

  • Organize intuitively – the Outline, Compact, and Tabular  layouts for Pivot Grid allow devs to format their data as easily as they would in Excel.
  • Control the display of your data with our Collapsible Pivot Grid which allows users to expand and collapse grouped rows and columns at their leisure.
  • Dig deep into your data with our DrillDown plugin, allowing devs to view all records used to aggregate a single cell.
  • Visualize the data in your pivot grid with our seamless Chart Integration

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