PyCharm for Data Science Romania

PyCharm for Data Science

PyCharm Professional Edition integrates with Jupyter Notebook to combine the interactive nature of Jupyter Notebook with the benefits of the most intelligent Python IDE – PyCharm for Data Science. In addition to the built-in Python coding assistance, you can also install a plugin that adds the R support.

Intelligent Jupyter notebooks

PyCharm for Data Science combines the full intelligence of its code editor with the collaborative and interactive capabilities of Jupyter notebooks. Work with local or remote Jupyter notebooks as you would do in a web-based Jupyter application, but with intelligent coding assistance and overall ergonomics the IDE provides to let you keep your focus on the code and the data.

Pycharm Intelligent Jupyter notebooks Romania

Conda integration

PyCharm makes it easy for you to create and select the right environment — keep your dependencies isolated by having separate Conda environments per project.

Pycharm Conda integration Romania

Jupyter Notebook debugger

Jupyter Notebook integration not only includes auto-completion, navigation and code analysis, but provides a full-featured graphical debugger with the ability to step into declarations.

Pycharm Romania Jupyter Notebook debugger

PyCharm for Data Science and scientific libraries and plots

PyCharm has built-in support for scientific libraries. It supports Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, and other scientific libraries, offering you best-in-class code intelligence, graphs, array viewers and much more.

Pycharm Romania Scientific libraries and plots

What’s New in PyCharm 2020.1?

Interactive rebasing, smarter debugging, and a font designed for programming.

Interactive rebasing

If you care about keeping your commit history clean, you’re definitely familiar with interactive rebasing. We’ve now made this easier, and more graphical. Just pick a commit in the history, right-click, and choose ‘interactively rebase from here’, and we’ll help you make your git log look great!

New VCS commit tool window

If you’re the kind of developer who likes commits that are atomic and tell a story, you probably go back and forth between the commit window and your code to get everything ready. We’ve just made this easier: if you’d like to, you can choose to have the commit window appear as a tool window next to your code.

New and improved branches popup

Usually, when you see a list of things in PyCharm (or any of our other IDEs), you can start typing to search in this list. Not everyone is aware of this, however, so we’ve now added an explicit search field to the branches popup. We’ve also improved a couple of other things, like indications to show if a branch has incoming or outgoing commits, and made it easier to update remote branches.