Protect Your App With This Free Anti-Hacking Tool In 2021

Hackers around the world are using advanced tools to abuse your source code They can extract sensitive information from your application and cause major financial damage. So, it can be very important to obfuscate your Delphi program. It will make the code very difficult to analyze for the hackers. So, they can’t abuse or add malicious functions to your application. In this post, you will find the details of obfuscating the Delphi programs with an open-source Delphi code obfuscator, called Pythia.

This a new Delphi code obfuscator tool for 2021

We have written about code obfuscators before on this blog, both for Delphi code obfuscation and to protect C++ apps from reverse-engineering too. Both of those options were slightly more mature commercial solutions which some commenters said they were not happy with since, although perfectly usable, they believed that they were a little out of date and for a paid product that was a problem.

Well, this article is about a code obfuscation tool which is Open Source so you can see exactly what and how it does in the work of obfuscation. Yes, the code is also from a few years back (if it works without bugs, why change it?) – however, because it’s Open Source you can also examine the code, fork the repository, and make improvements or change the way the obfuscation works to create your own unique custom obfuscation which would then further thwart reverse engineering.

What is an open-source Delphi Code Obfuscator?

Open-source Delphi code obfuscator is a free tool that makes your code complex by adding an extra layer of obfuscation. As a result, the hackers will have a very tough time comprehending your program. So, they can’t steal sensitive data from your application. Also, they can’t reverse engineer your code.

Why should you use an open-source Delphi Code Obfuscator?

  • Helps you to save money
  • Hides sensitive information by generating random values
  • Protects intellectual property or trade secrets from the hackers

What is the best open-source Delphi Code Obfuscator in 2021?

The best open-source Delphi code obfuscator in 2021 is Pythia. It is available for free. The license used means you can use it with the code of your commercial Delphi applications without spending any money. Also, you can alter and redistribute Pythia freely within the guidelines of the original license.

How Pythia Protects Your Delphi Program

Pythia protects your program by modifying the Delphi Form (DFM) data and Virtual Method Tables (VMT) data of existing binary files in such a way that it’s rendered useless for hackers. However, it doesn’t change the functionality of your program. It keeps everything the same while obfuscating the key information. So, any person attempting to reverse engineer your program will face a very difficult time. Let’s take a look at an example.

Before Obfuscation:

Protect Your App With This Free Anti-Hacking Tool In 2021 - Before Obfuscation

Take a look at StringGrid1 of the DFM Data tree. It has a property, called Left. What will happen when it is obfuscated?

After Obfuscation:

Protect Your App With This Free Anti-Hacking Tool In 2021 - After Obfuscation

As you can see, StringGrid1 has been changed to NzJaIGRG5Hb. Also, the Left property has been changed to BTtK. By obfuscating the data, Pythia is helping you to conceal important values. So, hackers can’t steal key information.

Should I use Pythia?

Pythia helps you to obfuscate binaries created with Delphi. As a result, your competitors and the lurking evil-doers can’t reverse-engineer your program easily. Why not give it a go and see how it can help you?

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