Powerful Bluetooth Control App Displays Delphi’s Flexibility

For those fortunate enough to have access to a pool all that splash-time fun comes at the price of a not inconsiderable amount of effort. Pools, on the face of it, seem to be not a huge amount more than fancy holes in the ground filled with water.

When you accidentally own a swamp

The reality is though that water is a delicate little ecosystem which can very quickly go from a place of enjoyment to the source of a broad range of diseases. It takes a very finely tuned collection of chemicals which must be in just the right balanced quantities. If you get that balance wrong you might find yourself responsible for streaming, stinging eyes for your swimmers or be greeted one day by a green pond of foul-smelling swamp slime.

Delphi to the rescue!

New Zealand based company Select Chemicals Limited have cleverly used the cross-platform power of RAD Studion Delphi and the FireMonkey framework to create a totally beautiful yet practical mobile app which takes the hard work out of calculating the correct chemical balances to make sure that your pool oasis remains a place you retreat to – not recoil from!

The app looks effortlessly beautiful thanks to RAD Studio themes

SCL recently updated the app recently to use one of Delphi’s gorgeous custom professionally designed user interface themes. This, combined with Delphi’s ability to interact natively with the mobile device’s Bluetooth communications means the app is a great tool for its users without a huge learning curve for the developers.

According to the developer, “The SCL Bluetooth Control is used to control a wide range of Smart products from Select Chemicals Ltd: SmartDoser – A versatile general purpose chemical doser, pHydroMate – A pH correction controller using a pH probe. PoolMate – A pool management controller dosing managing both Disinfectant and pH correction using a combination pH and ORP probe.”

Google Play

SCL Bluetooth Control

Screenshot Gallery

Powerful Bluetooth Control App settings screen looking great
Powerful Bluetooth Control App manual controls
Powerful Bluetooth Control App phdromate control
Powerful Bluetooth Control App
Powerful Bluetooth Control App the actual Ph
Powerful Bluetooth Control App main menu

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