Leveraging High DPI with Ray Konopka – DelphiCon 2020

Have you ever accessed a website on your mobile device and found that it was formatted for desktop and nearly unreadable on a 5″ screen?  Similar problems occur for users running high-DPI screens. As 4K screens proliferate and the consumer pressure for 8K grows, it’s important to adjust user interfaces to prevent forms and controls from becoming unreadably small on high-resolution monitors.  RAD Studio 10.3 Rio and Rio Update 2 introduced enhanced controls for high-DPI applications to remedy this problem and Ray Konopka of Raize Software, Inc. is here to teach us how to maximize their advantages. Just seven days away, Leveraging High DPI in VCL Applications is a must-see talk for all developers, hobbyists, and RAD Studio enthusiasts looking to gain new techniques to stay relevant in our changing software landscape.


DelphiCon 2020 offers ten talks and four expert panels by Embarcadero tech partners and Most Valuable Professionals spanning the range of software from education to industrial database access. Come for the High-DPI knowledge and leave with a greater understanding of Delphi web applications. The conference is free and open to the public. Sign up now by clicking the “Save my seat” button at delphicon.embarcadero.com!