Let’s Explore HTTP Redirection With Indy in This Learn Delphi Video

We cannot deny the fact that windows program development can be a very tedious process. The scope of it is seemingly limitless and there are just too many areas to explore. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn more about Delphi or an expert who wants to expand his coding proficiency, Alister Christie of Learn Delphi TV has been constantly providing incredible insights about Delphi including a great number of useful keyboard shortcuts to help you code faster in Delphi.

Interestingly, in this Learn Delphi Video, we will take a look at something new. This time, Alister will demonstrate HTTP Redirection using the TIdHTTP component of Indy or Internet Direct. According to the video, the TIdHTTP component is great for downloading web pages and it has some powerful mechanisms for handling HTTP Redirects. Alister will also highlight both HandleRediects Property and OnRedirect Event in this video. Feel free to watch the Learn Delphi video above and learn more.