Let’s Explore How to Use String Functions In a Delphi Program in this Learn Delphi Video

Now that we have learned how to declare a variable in a Delphi project in the previous Learn Delphi Video, it is time to go deeper and explore the variables of different data types and learn how to manipulate and process them. In this particular Learn Delphi Video tutorial, we will learn everything about the String Variables.

The video aims to teach us how to use String functions to process and manipulate values in String variables in a new Delphi project. The video tutorial series will highlight various String functions such as Length, Concat, IntToStr, UpperCase, LowerCase, Trim, Copy, Insert. This video will focus more on String functions – Length and Concat. For the comprehensive Learn Delphi tutorial and to learn more about Delphi and windows development, feel free to watch the video above.