Learn To Build Modern Enterprise-Grade Native Applications For Windows With RAD Studio

In this webinar, one of the Embarcadero MVP Serge Pilko shows off the RAD Studio against Electron and other JavaScript frameworks for desktop application development.


  • Native desktop development for Windows
  • JavaScript framework-based solutions vs. RAD Studio for Windows Development
  • Electron & Node.js
  • .NET WinForms & WPS vs. Delphi & C++ Builder
  • VCL or FMX

JavaScript for Desktop

  • Many JavaScript libraries let you create desktop GUI applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. And it is connected to the web easily.
  • With JavaScript desktop development libraries you can’t get the native performance, no native user interface. 
  • Consumes more memory because your JavaScript application needs an engine
  • Source code protection issue
  • Not all enterprise developers are ready to rely on open-source solutions 

Delphi & C++ Builder for Desktop

  • A proven tool for Windows desktop development
  • Small executable file size and low memory usage
  • Native application
  • The best performance you can get
  • Thousands of use cases are ready to explore
  • Native look and feel
  • Easy to design and bring the best user experience

Be sure to check out the whole session to learn about the benchmarks in action and more about modernizing your applications!

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