Learn How To Modernize And Integrate WinAPI, COM, ShellAPI, And WinRT Into Your Windows VCL Applications

In this webinar, learn how to access all the APIs on Windows 10 from RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder.


  • Traditional Core APIs
  • Shell Integration
  • WinRT
  • and more

Windows API Evolution Over Time

  • Classic API
    • 1985 (Win1)
    • Win16 -> Win32 -> Win32(w/Unicode) -> Win64
  • COM, OLE Automation, Shell, etc
  • WinRT

Classic Windows API

  • Kernel, User, GDI
  • Delphi bindings for the Windows API (C language API)
  • Load time linking vs. dynamic invocation vs. delay loading
  • Message handling


  • Delphi TWinControl
    • Wraps Windows handles, CreateWindows, API calls
    • Used for platform controls and custom controls
    • Used for form
  • The entire VCL library wraps Windows APIs, plus some native concepts
    • Component inheritance, actions, visual form inheritance, frames, styling, component messages, delayed creation, handle re-creation

Be sure to check out the whole session to learn about COM, Interfaces, Shell integration concepts, and modern WinRT. Moreover, TaskBar and JumpList components in action. 

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