How to Prepare For RAD Studio 11

The RAD Studio 11 release date is fast approaching, and with its support for high DPI screens, a vastly improved user experience and new features for rapid app development, it’s going to change the game for Delphi and C++ developers.

Are you and your team ready for the new release? Do you need to prepare at all? What can you do to make the most of this important new release?

As Object Pascal and RAD Studio evolve, so should your business. To save you time we’ve put together the most useful suggestions for preparing for the upcoming release of RAD Studio 11. Here they are:

1. Download Marco Cantu’s Free “Object Pascal Handbook”

Launch your preparations for RAD Studio 11 by downloading Marco Cantu’s “Object Pascal Handbook” is one of the world’s most popular, thorough and up-to-date books on building apps with Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio. It’s also free to download.

Object Pascal Handbook

Get this definitive resource on Object Pascal here:

2. Get Your Free Ticket For The Upcoming “The Desktop First UX Summit 2021”

The annual digital event “Desktop First UX Summit” sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies’ RAD Studio, will be held from Monday August 30th, to Friday September 3rd 2021.

The Desktop First UX Summit will bring together the brightest minds in UX for panel discussions and webinars around desktop UX. Attendees will have access to content around their favorite development tools and general content on effective User Interface Design and good User Experience.

Helping developers prepare their applications for the upcoming release of Windows 11 will also be an important theme, and there will be an early preview of RAD Studio 11. Click here or on the image to register free and save your seat.


3. Take Advantage of Our Promo Offer

We have a very special early-bird offer created uniquely for the RAD Studio 11 release. It’s a great opportunity to 1) get the 10.4.2 edition of Delphi, C++Builder or RAD Studio at a discount and 2) prepare your systems for the free upgrade to RAD Studio 11.

This means you will not only get the full-featured latest version of any of these IDEs today for a discount, you will also get a two-month extension on your license, which means you will automatically get the new edition, RAD Studio 11, when it is released. The 10.4.2 version is already compatible with the M1 Mac Mini and WIndows 11, so you’re all set from the get-go for the most advanced tech coming out today.

We’ve done everything we can to make it easy for you to upgrade your software to the latest editions and benefit from their newest features.

What else is there to do? Act Now and Save Big!

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4. Get InterBase

Why should you try InterBase? InterBase is Embarcadero’s award-winning SQL database, and it’s a data security and management powerhouse that comes free with RAD Studio.

If you haven’t deployed it already, and even if you are currently using a different solution, it pays to give InterBase a try. Its Change Views data tracking technology, which has won an IoT award, its advanced security and encryption capabilities, and the ability to embed and encrypt your data on your device, are features well worth considering for your business.

Download the free Developer Edition of InterBase and explore all the features you could get for free with RAD Studio.


A series of videos, whitepapers and webinars will also highlight what makes InterBase unique and how to deploy it to your advantage.

Explore InterBase resources here.

Sign up for the next InterBase webinar here.

5. Download and Read Free RAD Studio Whitepapers

Download the free whitepapers below to answer key questions regarding RAD Studio and help you make the right choice for your business.

RAD Studio Guide For Managers

RAD Studio Guide For Managers

RAD Studio: Should I Choose Enterprise?

RAD Studio - Should I Choose Enterprise?

6. Visit the Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio Product Pages

Want to learn more about why it makes sense to invest in RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder 10.4.2 as a prelude to the RAD Studio 11 release? Visit the product pages on the Embarcadero website to find out, as well as the “What’s New in 10.4.2” page.

You will find a wealth of information on the innovations, updates and fixes introduced in the current edition, 10.4.2, to which RAD Studio 11 will introduce more improvements.

Jump to the Embarcadero Products Page

Jump to the What’s New in 10.4.2 Page

7. Explore RAD Studio Videos and Blog Posts

Quickly learn how to do great things with RAD Studio using our popular online resources, including videos and blog posts. Here are a few examples:

Building Apps Faster with Less Code using RAD Studio Architect Edition
Building Apps Faster with Less Code using RAD Studio Architect Edition

Building your first Native Mobile Applications for iOS and Android
Building your first Native Mobile Applications for iOS and Android (Webinar)

RAD Studio 11 is Coming: New Version Number Announcement and Beta Invite for Update Subscription Customers

8. Get Your Team Up to Speed: Share This Page!

Now that you’re much more informed about RAD Studio and better prepared for the upcoming new release, it’s time to update your team.

Refer your team to this page and get them prepped and fired up for the new release!

Desktop First UX Summit