Hit the Ground Running with InterBase

InterBase is a robust, flexible and powerful database with great scaling capabilities and functionality that allows you or your clients to take data offline securely.

When you first start with any database software, it can be a little intimidating. Learning about all of the different features and functionality, how to use those features, and what to do when you have developed your applications can be overwhelming. So, if you’re just starting out with InterBase or used to be an InterBase user, now is the time to check out this webinar [Stay tuned for the link to the replay!]

We discussed getting started, developing with InterBase databases and applications as well as some of the things you can do to manage your InterBase instances.

Hit the Ground Running Slide deck

Some Q&A responses

What version of InterBase is included in RAD Studio?

  • All versions of RAD Studio have access to the Developer Edition of InterBase while
    • Professional Edition, you have access to IBLite
    • Enterprise or Architect editions have IBToGo. This version of IBToGo is for mobile (Android and iOS) deployments only.

How is InterBase ToGo used? For a single user or can multiple users access the database?

  • InterBase ToGo is deployed in a single user environment. The database file is distributed to individual users, who have access to the data whether they use a mobile device or a desktop application.

What are some of the advantages of ToGo over SQLite

I’m not a Delphi developer, can I still download the IBConsole/InterBase Developer edition?

  • Yes, you can get the InterBase Developer Edition download from our website.

What resources are available for InterBase 2020?

  • While there are currently no books available on InterBase 2020, we have our InterBase DocWiki that provide detailed information and sample code for working with InterBase.