Get Started Building Cross-Platform Games In Delphi FireMonkey With Alien Invasion Sample

Alien Invasion is a classic arcade-style game which features a grid of aliens that move in sync back and forth across the screen. They fire projectiles at the player who is at the bottom of the screen. On each trip back and forth across the screen, they start moving faster and faster. There are four shields near the bottom of the screen that the player can hide behind but they have a limited number of hits they can take before each shield is exhausted. The player can only move back and forth at the bottom of the screen and fire projectiles upward.

What you can learn from this complete Alien Invasion game sample:

  • Game Design Basics
  • Game Development
  • App Tethering
  • Collision Detection
  • Building Game Loops
  • Working With Sounds/Music
  • Cross-Platform Development Patterns
  • TMotionSensor
  • TBitmapListAnimation

You can download this game sample from GetIt easily

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