Find Out How and Why to Use MultiPaste Feature in Delphi In this Learn Delphi Video

Coding can be a tedious process whether you are just a beginner or an expert. It requires you to check on every single detail so your program will run smoothly when executed. When really makes the process tedious is the typing of the codes itself. Typing them will definitely consume much of the time. Interestingly, to help you code faster and to avoid yourself from wasting too much time in coding, you can take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts and other interesting windows app development tools or features.

In this Learn Delphi video, Alister Christie will share with us another interesting feature in Delphi Tokyo Release 3 (10.2.3) which is not present in Delphi’s older versions. It’s MultiPaste. The MultiPaste window allows you to modify and paste into the Code Editor the text you copied to the clipboard. The MultiPaste feature helps you to work with HTML, SQL, formatted text, and any other text. In this video, Alister will teach you how to use this feature in Delphi and why exactly you should use it to help you code faster and more efficiently.