Faces of Unity – Manuel Sainsily

My parents always told me that art doesn’t pay – especially for minorities – and while I was talented and practiced different artistic hobbies, they hoped I would pursue medicine or law. But, I was obsessed with computers and design software, and was spending most of my time at home playing video games or creating worlds.

So, when the time came to choose my path, I decided on a computer science program in Montreal. As a visible minority in a new country, I wanted to integrate myself and make a difference for my people. I started working in the tech industry as a designer, and always hoped to enter the gaming industry one day.

Now, Unity allows me to do both design work and my own freelance projects in a very rewarding way, and I’ve found great communities and talented colleagues with similar interests.

What’s a cool project you’re working on?

A lot of my work involves immersive multisensory experiences and human-computer interaction, but the heart of my artistic process is my Caribbean culture, which connects me with music and nature.