Explore User-Friendly uniGUI Web Framework With Ultra-Modern Components For Delphi/C++Builder

Looking for a Web framework for your Delphi/C++ Builder Applications? How about having a framework which supports both server side and client side with minimal effort to build beautiful web applications ? UniGUI is a Full Stack focused Web Framework which give web development experience to a new dimension for Delphi/C++ builder users.

Features :

  • It allows developers to focus on Application business logic rather than working on web application details such as working directly with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML Templates and other web Technologies.
  • It offers a separate set of visual controls for Desktop and Mobile applications. Mobile application controls are available in uniGUI Complete Pro Edition.
  • It is based on Sencha Ext JS, one of the industry’s most advanced JavaScript Libraries(uniGUI includes OEM License for Sencha Ext JS).
  • Complete IDE support for creating projects, designing forms, frames , handling data modules.
  • Advanced support for client side Javascript event handlers
  • It offers a Unified GUI which provides a similar user experience over various Hardware and Software platforms.
  • Support all major deployment options( Windows Service and ISAPI Module)

How to Create a UniGui Web Application in RAD Studio.

  • File->New->Other->UniGUI for Delphi-> Application Wizard -> Select Project type options to start Standalone/Windows Service/ISAPI. For Mobile Application, File->New->Other->UniGUI for Delphi-> Mobile Application Wizard.
  • Main form : Include uniGui UI components such as UniPopupMenu, UniPanel, UniSplitter,UniStatusBar according to your need.
  • MainModule : Include database connections related components. You can use FireDAC Manager component.
  • ServerModule : TUniServerModule is single class which helps to customize the behavior of your server such as port configuration, SessionTimeout, SSl, AjaxTimeout etc.
  • Event handling can done in both Server side and Client side( Ext Js events) as well.
  • Use mobile visual components for Mobile Applications. To access we need to hit the URL as localhost:8077/m in the browser.

Check out the full demonstration in this below Video

For Future Roadmap, Latest versions and pricing details check here.