Delphi University makes a year

A year ago, we launched the Delphi University project here in Brazil. And yesterday, 13/04/2021, it was a day to celebrate the success of the project.

The idea of ​​live and the call

The day started and at around 10 am I remembered that I was completing exactly one year since the launch of Delphi University . I talked with the team in the group of content producers and sent “let’s do a live class?”

I wanted the live to be light, a chat without responsibility, without a technical part … So when making the call to live I thought to myself: “I want something that makes people laugh…” and the rest is what you saw in the editing I did, if you have not seen the video of the call is here below:

Video call for Delphi University’s 1-year Live


In addition to the content producers, we opened space to interact with some special guests… who for example went to live was Prof. Tiago Souza , training coordinator at the Paula Souza Center.


You can find the full post on my website (in Portuguese):

And this year we intend to deliver even more content at Delphi University.


See you at the next opportunity.